Twenty years ago to this day, the European Brain Council (EBC) was formed. The brain child of Prof.  Jes Olesen, EBC was the answer to the need for increased unity within the brain community, building a more connected network of key players in the brain space — scientists, clinicians, patients, industry — encompassing basic neuroscience, neurology, neurosurgery and psychiatry.

Its mission remains the same today: to unite the brain community and promote brain research with the goal of improving the lives of these who live with brain conditions, neurological and mental alike. The significant burden of brain disorders on society explains the growing societal need to expand brain research in Europe. Only through continued and coordinated support can it be hoped that real solutions will be found. With the aim to speak with one voice, EBC stands as the platform to foster cooperation between its member organisations and other stakeholders, consistently promoting dialogue between scientists, industry and society.

In the last two decades, EBC was built from its humble beginnings to become a leading voice for the brain at the EU and (more recently) global level, with a permanent secretariat in Brussels and dedicated Executive Committee and Board. Through flagship projects like the Value of Treatment and the Cost and Burden study, EBC has put itself on the map as the leading reference for the political, societal and economic impact of brain disorders and the argument for prioritisation and support of brain research in Europe.

EBC has been involved in many projects ever since its creation and continues to be, both EU-funded and EBC/partner-funded. As a celebration of these twenty years, the EBC team is proud to launch an interactive timeline, detailing major milestones in EBC’s history. Journey back through time — starting from foundation in March 2002 until present day — and experience an overview of major projects, statements, activities and more:

Celebrate this anniversary with EBC throughout the year and share the timeline, videos and other key project outcomes. Thank you for your continued commitment and support – we look forward to a bright future for EBC and ongoing collaboration.

Messages from the EBC Executive Committee