EBC held the last 2016 Industry board meeting, board meeting and general assembly on 30th November – 1st December.  On this occasion, delegates from EBC’s member organisations and industry partners discussed the ongoing activities of the organisation and plans for the months to come.

In particular, the following issues were addressed:

  • Strategic preparation for 2017-2018

Our plans together with some key dates for our anniversary celebration in 2017 were presented on that occasion. And amongst many other new initiatives, we hope to see as many events as possible make use of the “I LOVE MY BRAIN” brand, tying these events together.  We encourage you to make use of the brand for any of your own events.

  • Key outcomes and activities from various projects with plans for 2017

You heard in some detail about the progress of the Joint Action on Chronic Diseases (CHRODIS), Not Myself Today-Europe, the Value of Treatment, the EBC-STOA report on the use of new technologies in the management of addiction, our advocacy on animal research, among others.

  • The Value of Treatment for brain disorders in Europe

An update was provided on the progress made with the VoT project as well as the way forward. A draft outline was also presented for that purpose and is open for consideration and comments in view of the forthcoming plenary meeting of the project scheduled to be held on 18th January 2017.

  • New members

On the occasion of our meetings, we were glad to consider the applications received by a certain number of likeminded organisations such as:

– MQ Mental Health, which was welcomed as an Associate Member.

– The Belgian Brain Council, the Serbian Brain Council and the French Brain Council, which were welcomed as Observers.  We also discussed more particularly how we will continue to support National Brain Councils in their development of National Brain Plans.  Our work with Member States is crucial if EBC is to have greater influence at an EU level.

  • Change of Statutes

In a very important development, the General Assembly approved an official amendment to the EBC Statutes introducing the Academy of NBCs as a formal body within the structure of EBC. Accordingly, the Academy will be able to nominate officially 2 representatives on the Board of EBC (in an advisory capacity).

  • Adoption of Budget for 2017

Our financial state remains healthy and you were satisfied with the management of our finances. Moreover, the budget for 2017 was also adopted.

EBC would like to take this opportunity to thank our members, observers and delegates for their contribution to these meetings.