From 1 – 4 April, EBC was pleased to attend the 25th European Congress of Psychiatry held by one of its members, The European Psychiatric Association (EPA), in Florence, Italy. Guided by the motto “Together for Mental Health,”  the congress facilitated learning, discussion, and exchange among European and international psychiatrists together with leaders of stakeholder organisations in mental health. A special focus of the EPA Congress was the dialogue between neurosciences and social sciences in the context of a psychiatry congress, overcoming the traditional separation between the domains of biology and human relationships, which has misled for too long the psychiatric and scientific professions and public opinion.​ The congress hosted an incredible range of speakers and leading experts in their fields, attending from all over Europe. The topics of discussion were also diverse and covered many aspects of psychiatry, ranging from “Gaming, gambling, behavioural addictions: Challenges in diagnosis and treatment​” and “Mental health care in refugees and asylum seekers” to ​​”Social media and e-mental health” and “Promoting mental health in the health and non-health sectors”. EBC was extremely pleased to contribute to the congress through a joint Symposium with EPA on EBC’s Value of Treatment (VoT) for brain disorders research project evaluating the treatment gap of mental and neurological brain disorders.


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A full report on the congress will be released soon.