EBC was present at the Research and Innovation Days that were held in Brussels from 24th-26th September 2019. This conference was organized by the European Commission in order to collect the input from stakeholders regarding the priorities, objectives and expected impact of the Horizon Europe programme.

The Research and Innovation Days were held within the wider context of the Strategic Planning Process, which was also the basis for the launch of the Horizon Europe Co-design consultation held during the summer of 2019. The outcomes of the conference will be made public during the coming weeks and could further support the work on the first Strategic Plan of Horizon Europe.

On this occasion, EBC was able to exchange perspectives with officials from the European Commission on issues such as support to brain research, the disease burden of mental and neurological conditions, translation of research results, early detection and prevention.

EBC will continue to engage with the EU institutions and monitor the preparations for the implementation of the next Framework Programme in order to ensure that the brain is further prioritized in the first Strategic Plan of Horizon Europe.