On January 14 2015, Members of EBC convened in Brussels to discuss the strategic orientation of the organisation for the future. This meeting was the second of its kind and focused on four main topics :

  • Clinical Trials
  • Communication
  • Cost of non-treatment
  •  Projects

In each group, participants discussed and redefined the specific areas or objectives that EBC should be pursuing.

It is now planned that the outcome of these discussions which, will be circulated to EBC’s membership shortly, will feed into the strategic and operational plan for EBC in 2015-2016.
As already announced, EBC Members are also invited to contribute their proposals or comments on the draft operational plan, particularly as regards the concrete activities that EBC should be initiating and developing in the course of the year. The proposals and ideas raised in the framework of that consultation as well as at the strategic workshop will be then presented at the Board Meeting in February.
At the strategic workshop, each working group was requested to continue providing input through informal consultation exercises in the later development of EBC’s activities. Given the quality of discussions and interest raised from participants, it was suggested organising this kind of workshop once a year in the future.

The EBC would like to take this opportunity to thank all  the participants to the workshop for dedicating their time and efforts, as well as all EBC Members for their contribution.