The Brain Innovation Days team is excited to announce the Pitch Competition Finalists of the first-ever Brain Innovation Days Pitch Competition, to be held on 26 January at 12:30 – 14:30. The Pitch Competition will take place during the second Brain Innovation Days digital event, that falls under the theme “From Innovative Ideas to Creative Brain Interventions”, drawing focus on the business and start-up world within the brain ecosystem. 

The pitch competition lies at the core of this digital event. After careful analysis of over 90 applications from start-ups all over Europe, nine finalists will have a chance to impress the jury by pitching their product or idea in 180 seconds:

  • BrainTale is an innovative company opening a new era in medicine providing physicians with clinically validated prognosis solutions for the management of brain injured patient through sensitive and reliable measurements of brain microstructure alterations.
  • Burnie Inc. provides a burnout solution for the medical community. Their integrated AI-based Burnie app uses smart algorithms to assess, monitor, predict & address medical resident burnout.
  • Epihunter creates digital solutions that decrease the daily life impact of neurological conditions while generating real world data for better treatments.
  • The main goal of icompanion is to give patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) and their treating neurologists more insight into the patient’s disease course by providing an overview of the subclinical (visible on MRI), clinical and self-reported disease activity and comparing it with other patients.
  • iLoF is a Porto and Oxford-based company, working to enable a new era of personalized medicine, by using AI and photonics to build a cloud-based library of diseases biomarkers and biological profiles.
  • NeuroMind is the #1 app for neurosurgical decision support worldwide, and after 300,000 downloads and 75,000 yearly users, the creators are now it turning into a business to create a sustainable future for this app.
  • Pipra is an innovative AI-based tool, which uses patient information to predict their risk of PostOperative Delirium prior to surgery and stratifies them into low- or high-risk groups. This enables medical personnel to plan and provide preventive measures for patients at high-risk of who are most likely to benefit from them. 
  • PolyQure is a safe curative one-shot therapy that relies on the delivery of a novel molecular target, which stops disease progression.
  • Virtuleap unlocks neuroscience with virtual reality to help pharmaceutical companies accelerate the approval of drugs designed to treat cognitive illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease.

To make the public pitching more compelling and challenging, they will only have 6 support slides at their disposal- each one of which will automatically disappear after 30 seconds.

At the end of their presentation, the jury – composed of highly regarded specialists in the fields of brain science, investment, start-up acceleration – will have a chance to further test the resilience of the finalists’ pitches with swift 60-seconds rounds of Q&A.

The finalist needn’t only impress the jury, however – your vote counts too! Vote for your favourite finalist on the event platform and help them win the Public Award for Best Pitch. Voting opens the morning of the event – stay tuned on our social media channels for further details.

Brain Innovation Days Pitch Competition Finalists Announced