The Brain Innovation Days launch as an online event on 13 October 2020, which will be followed by a series of digital sessions and a physical event in 2021. 

The European Brain Council and launch the first ever Brain Innovation Days, set to launch virtually on 13 October 2020, kicking off one full year of a packed brain innovation agenda. 

This lunchtime interactive session will fall under the overarching theme, “Disrupt and rewire: How brain innovation is changing Europe” and will bring together representatives from the European Commission, the European Medicines Agency, the Innovative Medicines Initiative and the European Parliament alongside key opinion leaders, researchers, start-ups, clinicians and more to explore and answer the question: why is brain innovation important and how is it changing Europe and the world? 

The event will be opened by EBC President, Monica Di Luca and Jean-Eric Paquet, Director-General of the Directorate-General for Research and Innovation at the European CommissionThe entire programme and the list of speakers can be found here. 

179 million Europeans are currently living with brain disorders and this is to steadily increase as the population ages. Though one in three Europeans are set to live with a brain disease at some point of their life, neurological and mental alike.  In addition, it is estimated that brain disorders account for up to 45% of total healthcare budgets and this burden is expected to grow. Despite the prevalence of brain disorders in Europe, there is currently no disease modifying treatment available to cure a wide range of mental and neurological conditions. Developing treatments that can significantly improve the lives of those living with brain disorders is extremely challenging. Yet, compared to other disease areas, the pace of innovation in this field has traditionally been hindered by multiple factors, including the complexity of the brain itself. As a result, brain treatments remain insufficient and research is disproportionately underfunded compared to other disease areas.   

We believe enhanced multi-stakeholder engagement in the brain ecosystem is needed to foster dialogue, exchange knowledge, accelerate investment in research and innovation, facilitate business development and showcase on-going work. 

The Brain Innovation Days were shaped through the notion that multi-stakeholder engagement in the brain community is key to drive progress and foster innovation. Though the community at large has improved in collaboration, it is oft still fragmented and siloed; the Brain Innovation Days want to help change this and reshape the brain ecosystem to one that supports its members, pushes for knowledge exchange for the greater good, stimulates investment and convinces key stakeholders that the future is in brain innovation. 


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