The Value of Treatment for Brain Disorders (VOT) is a health economics and outcomes research project coordinated by the European Brain Council (EBC), conceptualised in 2015 and launched with nine case studies in 2016: schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, headache, normal pressure hydrocephalus, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, restless legs syndrome and stroke.

The Value of Treatment research framework addresses current unmet needs in healthcare and the increasing all-age burden of brain disorders – both neurological and mental alike. Risk reduction, preclinical and early detection, and timely intervention are seen as the solutions to help national health systems and society cope. The VOT methodology (care pathways, outcome variables measurement including economic analysis) was developed accordingly and validated by the Board of EBC. Case studies are conducted in collaboration with experts from the EBC’s scientific societies and with the support of academic partners (working groups), applying empirical evidence from different European countries.

The conclusions were released in 2017 (Policy White Paper), highlighting the need for more research, early, if possible prodromal, diagnosis and intervention, integrated seamless care underpinning timely care pathways as a solution to address value-based health care in Europe and access to the best treatments available. 

The Value of Treatment continues till today, currently in the final stages of its 2nd Round, focused on The Value of Early Diagnosis and Coordinated Care for Rare Diseases and The Value of Early Intervention and Continuity of Care for Mental Disorders. The current case studies falling under the two are: Ataxia, Dystonia, Phenylketonuria, Anorexia Nervosa, Autism and Depression.

VOT was also the link to the creation of the 2018 EBC project, RETHINKING MS, a pan-European policy narrative identifies key challenges in MS care and makes recommendations for how they can be addressed. Additionally, an ongoing Value of Treatment: Transversal Topics is also underway with a case study on chronic pain.

Find all information and published work from the Value of Treatment, HERE.