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EBC Board Dinner Meeting: NERRI Project - Mutual Learning Exercise
On the occasion of the Board Dinner Meeting, EBC hosted a Mutual Learning Exercise (MLE), gathering its Members as well as Industry Partners. The objective of the event was to set a platform for interactive discussions regarding neuro-enhancement in general, and the NERRI project...
The European Parliament’s tightened security measures force EBC and other organisations to adjust their plans
Following a recent raise in security alert level in Belgium, new rules were put in place in the European Parliament (EP) in Brussels. As a result, Members of the EP were informed that they can no longer host events for external visitors in the European Parliament. All stakeholder events,...
Opening Ceremony of the New Center for Rare Diseases in Wiesbaden
On 4th February 2015, the new Center for Rare Diseases of HSK, Dr. Horst Schmidt Kliniken in Wiesbaden was officially opened. This centre, which will be run by Prof.Maurizio Scarpa (President of Brains for Brain), is setting a landmark for the region and Germany as a whole in the fight against rare...
Meeting of the EP Interest Group on Carers and EU action in the field of social exclusion
The European Parliament’s Interest Group on Carers, coordinated by Eurocarers, met on the 4th February in Brussels to discuss how the EU could support action towards the social inclusion of carers. Since 2009, the number of people living in poverty and social exclusion has increased by 10...
European Brain Council's Year of the Brain: 2014 achievements and 2015 Plans
The EBC's Year of the Brain, runs over the academic year 2014-2015 and has the vision‘To protect, preserve, develop and nurture our most vital asset: The Brain' via three key aims: To educate society about how to nurture and protect the brain and prevent brain disease. To improve care and...

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