On 22th October, Shire announced the winners of the 2015 Excellence in ADHD (attention- deficit/hyperactivity disorder) Patient Groups Awards, thereby coinciding the ADHD Awareness month. The awards celebrate outstanding projects led by patient advocacy organizations that aim to improve the lives of people affected by the condition.
“Worldwide, around one in 20 people have ADHD, which can have a profound impact on an individual’s education, work, social interactions and emotional wellbeing,” said Tom Croce, Head of Global Patient Advocacy at Shire. “Patient groups work tirelessly to raise awareness of ADHD and support people living with the disorder and their families so, following an overwhelmingly positive response to last year’s Excellence in ADHD Patient Group Awards, we are delighted to again be celebrating some of the outstanding contributions patient groups make to people’s lives.”On behalf of Shire, an international panel of judges awarded unrestricted grants of €10,000 to the following patient groups in recognition of the impact of their innovative work during 2014:
  •  Youth Group – Dundee and Angus ADHD Support Group (UK)
  •  ADHD Kids Rock – ADHD Kids Rock Society (Canada)
  •  Learn to Smile – ASOCIACIÓN ANDAH TDAH (Spain)
Find the Press Release here.