EBC is a network of key players in the “Brain Area”, with a membership encompassing scientific societies, patient organisations, professional societies and industry partners.

Not Myself Today (Europe)


Not Myself Today is an annual workplace mental health initiative that equips senior leaders, human resources, managers and employees with activities, tools and resources focused on increasing awareness and knowledge of mental health, reducing stigma, and fostering safe, open and supportive workplace environments.

EBC Call to Action


We call upon the European Commission to come forward with a European plan to tackle brain health in a collaborative, integrated and comprehensive manner, as well as to further support European Union Member States and associated countries in their efforts to combat the impact of brain disorders.



AETIONOMY is a consortium brought together under the European IMI to tackle the problem of the classification of neuro-degenerative diseases. Revising the taxonomy (classification) will take many years to complete and to be accepted by the biomedical community.



ADVANCE-HTA is a research project funded by the European Commission's Research Framework Programme (FP7). It comprises several complementary streams of research that aim to advance and strengthen the methodological tools and practices relating to the application and implementation of Health Technology Assessment (HTA).



MARATONE is a Marie Curie Initial Training Network project that directly addresses the need for high-level training and career pathways in mental health to increase the inter-sectorial and trans-national employability of young scientists in the academic, public and private sectors to meet the enormous challenge of the 2009 EU Parliament Resolution on Mental Health.



Science and technology advances rapidly. The NERRI project works to establish productive dialogue between potential users, potential “designers” (researchers, engineers, developers) and potential legislators of Neuro-Enhancement technologies, before products start to hit the marketplace.



The Oxford Participation and Activities Questionnaire Initiative aims to develop a short patient reported outcome measure designed specifically to assess participation, activities and level of independence.



ROAMER is a three-year project funded by the European Commission, under the Seventh Framework Programme, to create a coordinated road map for the promotion and integration of mental health and well-being research across Europe.



Paradise was an EU funded project under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). The objective of PARADISE was to develop and test an innovative approach to collect clinical data on the psychosocial difficulties that people experience when they suffer from brain disorders.

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