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European Brain Research Area (EBRA)
EBC Project Managers: Dr. Elke De Witte & Dr. Kristien Aarts
Project website: ebra.eu
Twitter: @EBRA_EU
LinkedIn: EBRA (European Brain Research Area)

Coordinated by EBC, EBRA enhances coordination and collaboration among members that share the common goal of understanding the brain and its disorders by synergising brain related projects and initiatives at both European and global level, addressing gaps, supporting data sharing and access, and enabling the translation of research breakthroughs into innovations and health interventions, with the final aim to achieve critical mass and economies of scale.

The highly diversified nature of European public research, defined as an area of “shared” policy responsibility between individual countries and the Commission, represents a considerable obstacle in the European Research Area. In this context, EBRA was created as a catalysing platform for the brain research stakeholders (researchers, clinicians, patients, governments, funders and public institutions) to streamline and better co-ordinate brain research across Europe while fostering global initiatives. The project began on 1 November 2018.

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