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EBC recently joined the OneNeurology Partnership. The focus of this Partnership in 2021 will be in influencing the development of the World Health Organisation’s new Global Action Plan on epilepsy and other neurological disorders [GAP].

The GAP represents a unique opportunity to build an integrated response to neurology across the life course and within healthcare systems – to improve lives of people living with neurological disorders worldwide. However, to be successful, we need to mobilise the community to ensure that the plan serves the needs of all those living with neurological disorders across the globe.

We are now searching for effective advocates at national and regional levels to get involved, in working with us to develop our response to the first draft of the GAP, and to advocate at all levels for a plan that addresses the real burden of neurological disorders.

If you are interested in learning more and getting actively involved, the OneNeurology Partnership will host, on June 29th 2021, a virtual Global Advocacy Workshop where we will:

  • Present the first draft of the GAP to advocates worldwide
  • Present the views of the OneNeurology Partnership on the first draft of the GAP
  • Bring together neurology advocates from across the world (regional and national), to gather their perspectives on the GAP – based on their region/disease area/stakeholder group.
  • Empower global advocates with the information, tools and resources needed to ensure a coordinated response to the GAP consultation via submissions, regional hearings and outreach to national policy makers.

The event is open to individual health care professionals, researchers, people living with neurological disorders, their carers or anyone else who is interested in engaging in neurology advocacy. Advocates may also come from the organisations who represent these various stakeholder groups.

To cater for all timezones, there will be two sessions during the day.

Session 1: 8.30-11am CET or Session 2: 4.30-7pm CET

Sign up before June 20th at this link: https://forms.gle/TReR19f1oCtznGVK9

Or find out more at: www.oneneurology.net


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