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EBC will host a Special Event on 11 September 2023 at the upcoming IBRO World Congress in Granada, Spain, focused on FOSTERING GLOBAL DIALOGUE AND PARTNERSHIPS IN BRAIN RESEARCH.

Enhancing global collaboration in the domain of research and innovation is key for effectively addressing today’s societal challenges and improving the health and well-being of citizens. This is particularly true for brain disorders, including both neurological and mental conditions, which are widespread and highly disabling diseases that are often difficult to treat. It is crucial to explore how global research collaboration can support brain research in a meaningful way, to the benefit of people living with brain conditions across the globe.

In line with its ongoing Global Partnerships in Brain Research work, this EBC session will focus on funding, which is often identified as a much-needed area for action in research and faces major discrepancies at the global level. A panel of global experts representing private funding, public funding and research from high-income countries/regions (HIC) and low-middle income countries/regions (LMIC) will speak on existing funding opportunities, address the current challenges, and explore how funding streams that exist nationally, regionally and internationally can be maximised for researchers.


Bradley Roberts, Research Manager, Wellcome Trust (UK) Confirmed

Dr George E. Barreto, Committee Member, IBRO Latin America Regional Committee (IBRO-LARC) and Lecturer in Cell Biology/Immunology, University of Limerick (Ireland) Confirmed

Antonella Autino, Programme Manager, Partnerships for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area (PRIMA), Confirmed

Sandra Jurado, Director, Department of Cellular Neurobiology and Systems Neuroscience Institute (CSIC-UMH), Spain, Confirmed


Moderated by: Frédéric Destrebecq, Executive Director, European Brain Council (Belgium) Confirmed

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