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The purpose of Brainhack is to bring together brain enthusiasts with varying backgrounds and skills to build relationships, learn from one another and collaborate on projects related to neuroscience during two days of intense interaction. Participants can either bring their own project/question and recruit a team of collaborators, or come to learn methods, develop skills and collaborate with other participants.

Participants will receive advice on processing from a team of experts including Russell Poldrack, Danilo Bzdok, Camille Maumet, Roberto Toro, Daniel Margulies, Ben Jeurissen and Dante Mantini during the two days.

Registration & Slack:

For PhD students of Ghent University, the registration fee is €70. For all other participants, the registration fee is €90. This includes breakfast, lunch and drinks on both days and dinner on the first day. Registration is only possible with credit card.

We encourage interested persons to join our public Slack channel to discuss and propose projects and to recruit collaborators. You can register for the official Brainhack Ghent 2017 slack channel on the Register page of the website.

For more info on the event click here or  contact  brainhackghent@gmail.com

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