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Convened by-invitation, Bio-Neuroscience is a high level, boutique gathering of key thought leaders, innovators and decision-makers from all key stakeholder groups crucial to the discovery, development and market launch of novel therapeutics and breakthrough platforms and technologies.

Bio-Neuroscience is the global partnering and investment summit for global leaders and innovators in CNS neuroscience and psychiatric drug discovery, development, platforms and technologies. High level access, serious, sustained engagement, discussion and networking with key stakeholders. Sharing models, lessons learned, solutions, ways forward and best practices. A truly curated and unique summit to facilitate business and accelerate innovation. 

Frédéric Destrebecq, EBC Exectuive Director, will take part in a panel discussion on ‘CNS Neurosciences and Psychiatry – the need for a new generation of novel therapeutics and the policy and ecosystem requirements to accelerate development‘, set to take place on 14 February 2024 at 09:15-09:45.

The members of the EBC network can benefit from 20% discount code. If you are part of our network, please get in contact with us at advocacy@braincouncil.eu.


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