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Save the date: 30 November (14:30 – 16:00 CET)


In 2016, the Declaration for Good Off-Label Use Practice was launched, supported by a coalition of European organisations dedicated to ensuring that high standards of patient care are upheld and that progress in medical research and innovation is achieved. The GOLUP Declaration recommends that off-label use of medicinal products should only occur if certain criteria, drawn together by independent experts, are met.

Now it becomes necessary also to take action at national level. On the one hand to actively involve national organisations and stakeholders working at local level, allowing for a wider dissemination of the declaration. On the other hand, to allow an exchange of ideas and experience among local actors, to understand which paths to take in individual member states and to allow a continuous exchange of ideas and information.

This event follows the workshop on Patient safety and informed consent: The importance of good off-label use practices held on 17 June 2021. The purpose of this new digital event is to bring together patients, clinicians and policy makers to ensure greater awareness of the use of medicines off-label through the exchange of ideas and best practices from different European countries.




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