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The 13th International Autism-Europe Congress is the first full online Congress with high quality access to its sessions, presentations, workshops, discussion panels and more. You can join in person as well, in the historical city of Cracow. The Congress brings expertise from around the world to promote a positive vision for autistic people and their families.

“Happy Journey through Life” is the theme of the Congress – to highlight the importance of taking a lifespan perspective on autism research and practice, with the promotion of wellbeing for all being the focal point.

EBC looks forward to presenting the following sessions:

  • The value of treatment study: Autism care pathway in Europe (7 October, 17:00-18:00; Oral Session)

Autism is a lifelong complex neurodevelopmental condition of early onset that affects brain development and behaviour, characterised by difficulties in social communication, restricted and repetitive patterns of behaviour, interests or activities, and sensory issues which have significant consequences in daily life. 

The Value of Treatment (VOT) study results on autism care pathway in Europe will be presented. Early intervention can play a crucial role in the earlier social-communicative and emotional development which will act as a bridge for other more complex abilities. The primary goal of early intervention is to maximize functional independence and quality of life. Despite its great societal and personal impact, Europe-wide consensus and support for early detection, diagnosis, and intervention of autism are lacking.  

  • Autism with associated epilepsy care pathway in Europe (8 October, 9:00-13:00; Poster Presentation)

Autism and epilepsy are frequently associated. The prevalence of epilepsy in autism is greater than in the general population. Electroencephalography (EEG) has been used to investigate epilepsy in autism. EEGs are recommended if there is clinical suspicion of epilepsy. However, the clinical identification of seizures in autism can be challenging because some of the features of seizures such as staring spells, non-responsiveness and repetitive motor behaviours are also manifestations of autism. 

Associated conditions in autism such as epilepsy have a substantial impact on the well being of autistic people and their families, contribute to reduced quality of life and may increase premature mortality. Despite this, there is a current lack of studies assessing the journey experienced by autistic children with co-occurring epilepsy and their families in Europe. The VOT study on Autism with associated epilepsy care pathway in Europe will be presented. 

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