This study, first published in 2005, aimed at estimating the Cost of Brain Disorders in Europe. The report consisted of two parts: the first presenting an overall estimate of the cost of brain disorders in Europe; the second presenting summaries of the epidemiological and economic evidence for the different groups of diseases that form the basis for the report.

The study was commissioned by the European Brain Council (EBC) and was designed and managed by a steering committee including professors Jes Olesen, Hans-Ulrich Wittchen and Bengt Jönsson in collaboration with lead health economists Anders Gustavsson and Mikael Svensson. The review of epidemiological data was conducted by panels of European experts (one panel for each disorder). A health economic expert panel was formed with the aim to validate the study design and assist in the interpretation of data, chaired by Prof Bengt Jönsson and included the following members: Dr. Gisela Kobelt, Dr. Linus Jönsson, Prof. Massimo Moscarelli and Prof. Martin Knapp.

The study was redone 5 years later, following the success of the 2005 study in alerting European politicians and policy makers to the prevalence and high cost of brain diseases as well as the low levels of associated research funding, demanded the publication of a follow-up report. “Cost of disorders of the brain in Europe 2010” is the direct successor of the benchmark study published in 2005.

Both studies were commissioned by EBC. See both:

Cost of Disorders of the Brain in Europe (2005)

Cost of Disorders of the Brain in Europe (2010)