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EBC launches YouTube Channel - New video: Not Myself Today
EBC's first video has been upload to our new YouTube channel. On 29 September 2016, EBC held a demonstration of one of our latest projects, Not Myself Today, to all members. The “mood buttons” activity is just one of many that can be run within companies using the Not Myself Today... (more)
#ILoveMyBrain Valentine's Day Launch & Thunderclap Campaign
This year's February 14th, Valentine's Day, marked the official launch of #ILoveMyBrain, a campaign started by EBC with the goal of raising greater awareness of brain disorders - mental and neurological - as well as greater recognition of the need to look after our most valuable asset: our... (more)
EBC Ex.Dir. & Staff write article on "Improvements in stroke care, awareness and early detection"
Frederic Destrebecq, Vinciane Quoidbach and Alison Turner at the European Brain Council discuss improvements in stroke care, awareness raising and early detection "Stroke is a leading cause of disability and mortality among adults. It is the third cause of death worldwide and the first cause of... (more)
"Mental Health & Active Ageing Ensuring opportunities and participation in society at all ages"
On Tuesday 7th February, EBC attended the event "Mental Health & Active Ageing Ensuring opportunities and participation in society at all ages" organized by Mental Health Europe and hosted by MEP Deirdre Clune (Ireland, EPP). The core topic of discussion and debate was on the lifespan... (more)
Valentine's Day Launch & Competition - #ILoveMyBrain
Valentine’s Day – a day of love.  And love is not just romance, it’s also respect, affection, appreciation and nurturing.  So this year, the European Brain Council wants you to show your brain some love. Think about the abilities you enjoy because your brain stays faithful, and the precious... (more)

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