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EBC Publicity Small Brochure


EBC Publicity Small Brochure

hhhhOur Mission:
To promote brain research in Europe and to improve the quality of life of those affected by brain diseases

About the European Brain Council (EBC):
The European Brain Council is a non-governmental organisation comprising the major stakeholders in the field of brain research and brain disorders in Europe. Established in March 2002, EBC focuses on the promotion of brain research and research on brain diseases as a route to improving the quality of life for those 127 million Europeans living with brain diseases.

EBC will achieve this by:
• Collaborating with our member organisations;
• Interacting with the European Commission, European Parliament and other relevant EU and international institutions;
• Promoting education in brain related topics;
• Disseminating information about brain research and brain diseases in Europe;
• Promoting dialogue between scientists and society.

See the EBC Publicity Small Brochure