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EBC News (3rd Edition)


EBC News (3rd Edition)

EBC News 3Welcome to the third edition of EBCnews, the bi-annual magazine of the European Brain Council (EBC). As this is the first edition since I have become president I would like to take this opportunity to say how delighted I am that the EBC continues its excellent work on behalf of researchers doctors and patients across the range of brain disorders in Europe. This publication looks at some of the very many challenges that EBC has to deal with on a regular basis, and puts forward evidence-based ways we can improve treatment and person-care to the benefit of European society.

This issue examines the long-standing controversial issue of medication during pregnancy: whether to take the medication and expose the developing baby to often unknown developmental risk, or stop medication and risk the damaging effects of the mother’s uncontrolled disease. This is a dilemma that patient and doctor often need to tackle. A new datacollection initiative in the Czech Republic aims to help. And what of repeat offenders and their mental health? Why is it still a battle to have ADHD correctly diagnosed in prisons? Effective treatment is available and studies suggest they can dramatically reduce reoffending rate and improve patient lives and that of their victims. Professor Susan Young, clinical psychologist at Broadmoor Hospital, London, discusses.

This issue also addresses the emerging area of regulatory science; a moving story about caring for a young man with schizophrenia and how family life is changed forever; the ever-controversial issue of neuroenhancement and overarching all of these issues is the need for radical change to support sustainable healthcare across Europe according to EBC news contributor ex-Health Minister for Ireland, Mary Harney. But we also introduce the newly appointed Executive Director, Frederic Destrebecq, who shares his ambitions for the EBC as a robust and high-performing organization.

It leaves me to thank you for reading this issue of EBC news.

David Nutt

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