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EBC Manifesto for the 2014 European Union elections


EBC Manifesto for the 2014 European Union elections

;qnBrain disorders, including developmental, pain, psychiatric and neurodegenerative diseases, represent an enormous disease burden in terms of human suffering and economic cost.

The European Brain Council speaks with one voice on behalf of one third of the European population affected by these disorders. We represent a vast network of patients and their care-givers, doctors, scientists and industries. By bringing together science and society we strive to improve lives of those affected by brain disorders.

Every five years European citizens have a say on what is important to them when they take part in the European Parliament elections. In 2014 these elections coincide with electing new European Commission leaders. Both institutions have already contributed in many ways to improve the quality of lives of those affected by brain disorders. Nevertheless, we are still facing enormous medical and societal challenges in this field. These challenges need the right level of priority, and a lot will depend on newly elected EU Officials and we are calling them to commit to the following priorities:

1. Brain research requires more attention and funding
2. Complexity of brain requires interdisciplinary approach
3. The role of patients and caregivers has to increase
4. Clinical trial rules need major revision
5. Brain drain from Europe should be tackled with more vigour
6. Coordinated national strategies can make all the difference
7. Europe’s investment in health needs to increase
8. A strategy is required to reduce harm caused by alcohol
9. Caregivers have to receive adequate attention and support
10. An epidemic of depression requires urgent measures
11. Dementia needs to remain a high public health priority

See the full EBC- EU Elections Manifesto.