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Rethinking MS in Europe


Rethinking MS in Europe

The European Brain Council (EBC) is developing a new publication, RETHINKING MS in Europe: prioritising integrated services for people with multiple sclerosis, in collaboration with The Health Policy Partnership (HPP).

Building on the findings from the 2017 Value of Treatment report, EBC and HPP are developing a multidisciplinary consensus around practical and sustainable policy responses to MS at the European level. We are also producing deeper analysis with four country profiles examining the burden of MS in Denmark, Italy, Romania and Spain, and four corresponding policy planning tools to support implementation of recommended policies.

With this project, we aim to create greater visibility for the unmet needs experienced by people with MS, with a particular focus on: timely diagnosis and personalised treatment; interdisciplinary and coordinated care; and adaptable support in daily life including rehabilitation and social protection.

Launched in 2018, the project results will be release in the European Parliament on 6 November 2019. More details will follow.

A full project page will launch soon.