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RETHINKING MS project presented at European Parliament


RETHINKING MS project presented at European Parliament


On 6 November 2019, the European Brain Council (EBC) and The Health Policy Partnership (HPP) were able to present preliminary reports from the RETHINKING MS project during a meeting of the MEP Interest Group on Brain, Mind and Pain.

EBC and HPP have been working together to create RETHINKING MS, a new project calling for change in how MS care and support is organised. The project began in 2018. EBC and HPP collaborated with experts from across Europe to build an interdisciplinary consensus around practical and sustainable policy responses to MS at the European level. Building on the findings from the 2017 Value of Treatment report, this pan-European policy narrative identifies key challenges in MS care and makes recommendations for how they can be addressed.

As different countries face specific challenges, it is important to consider the national context when advocating for policy change. For this reason, RETHINKING MS also takes an in-depth look at Denmark, Italy, Romania and Spain. The dedicated reports on each country, now available for Denmark, Italy and Spain, provide a more specific analysis of MS policy, care and support available for people with MS in each country.

These country profiles were presented with the support of the speakers previewing the findings of the RETHINKING MS project. Pedro Carrascal (President, European Multiple Sclerosis Platform), Prof. Per Sorensen (Neurologist from Denmark) and Prof. Jenny Freeman (Rehabilitation Specialist from the UK) presented individual case studies in MS, highlighting the disparities in MS care and support across the EU and what possible policies could be put in place to help achieve equitable access to care.