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1eaf90b9-6dd3-4851-8246-a289c6bdabefAs announced a few weeks ago through our newsletter, the European Brain Council has recently started a new twitter campaign – #Move4YrBrain – in order to raise awareness on the benefits of aerobic exercise on the brain. This initiative was launched on 31stMay when EBC’s staff joined the “20km of Brussels”, and we are proud to announce that all EBC participants completed the race.
Henceforth, EBC’s objective is to involve more organisations and individuals to join this campaign. We are very pleased to see that key stakeholders, such as EP President Martin Schulz or MEPs a.o. Adam Kostia and Philippe de Backer, have already responded positively to our message.

Should you be interested to take a part in this initiative, we invite you to share pictures of your trainings through Twitter under #Move4YrBrain, and to spread the word: exercise can not only make you physically fitter, it also contributes to an improved mental and neurological condition by fostering the growth of new brain cells.