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EBC marks "World Mental Health Day" with EP Event on Mental Health in Elite Sport
Wednesday, 10 October, was World Mental Health Day 2018 and EBC marked this year's day with an event on Mental Health in Elite Sport in the European Parliament. Hosted by the EP Sport Intergroup with group member MEP Bogdan Wenta and co-planned with Vrije Universiteit Brussels, EBC was happy to...
Interview with EBC Ambassador Martin Rossor, Professor of Clinical Neurology at the University College London (UCL)
June 2018 marked the publication of the proposals for the Horizon Europe programme which will fund research and innovation across the EU from 2021-2027. The proposed overall budget is €94.1 billion. Within this budget, €7.7 billion is allocated to fund the “Health cluster” under Pillar II....
Event Report: "The Socioeconomic impact of Alzheimer’s in Europe"
On the 25th of September, EBC held its latest event in the European Parliament, this time building on the Value of Treatment's work on Alzheimer's and The Socioeconomic impact of Alzheimer’s in Europe. This event was an opportunity to further present the EBC Value of Treatment project,...
GAMIAN-Europe calls for concrete action to empower those affected by mental ill health
Empowering people affected by mental ill health is beneficial  to individuals and their carers. It is also crucial for developing more patient centered, efficient and cost-effective health systems. This is the key message of a comprehensive Call to Action launched by GAMIAN-Europe today. The...
EBC President Prof. Monica Di Luca underlines the need for a Brain Mission in recent “Thought Leader” issue
Prof. Monica Di Luca, President of the European Brain Council (EBC), addressed the preparations for the Horizon Europe programme and highlighted the importance of adopting a R&I mission related to the brain in a recent article in the Parliament Magazine. In June 2018, the European Commission...

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