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Registration now open for BAW 2019 event: "Mood and Food: Exploring the gut-brain connection"
One of EBC's annual activities is to hold an outreach event for Members of the European Parliament and the general public during the Brain Awareness Week (BAW). This global campaign is held in March every year and aims to increase public awareness on the progress and benefits of brain...
Launch of 'Sustainable Approach To Depression' policy report
Today, the European Parliament Interest Group on Mental health, Well-being and Brain Disorders (with co-hosting MEPs Tomas Zdechovsky and Nessa Childers), EBC, GAMIAN-Europe, the European Psychiatric Association (EPA), EUFAMI, the Expert Platform on Depression, Eurocarers, the European College...
Stronger together for a healthier Europe
As we head towards the European Parliament elections in 2019, healthcare systems and citizens across Europe are facing unprecedented challenges driven by an ageing population, and increased prevalence of chronic diseases. Research shows that 550,000 people of working age die from...
Event Report: "Enhanced engagement through public-private partnerships"
On 21 November 2018, EBC held one of its largest events yet, as part of its Value of Innovation series: "Enhanced engagement through public-private partnerships: sustaining therapeutic innovation to address patient needs". The event was an excellent showcase of the latest initiatives of EBC...

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