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The LSE Summit


The LSE Summit


“Rethinking regulation and value assessment of medical technologies: challenges and opportunities”

From 8-9 March 2016, the Medical Technology Research Group (MTRG) will be hosting the LSE Summit in London, UK. This year’s topic is Rethinking regulation and value assessment of medical technologies: challenges and opportunities.

Incomplete evidence on the added therapeutic benefit of new medical technologies often limits the ability of regulators and decision-makers to make optimal resource allocation decisions. The need for a more flexible and dynamic approach to evidence-based decision-making is increasingly recognised and reflected in current international and national initiatives.

This summit brings all these trends together and provides a dynamic forum for interaction and debate by the broader stakeholder community. Speakers from national competent authorities on pricing, reimbursement and HTA, pharmaceutical manufacturers, international organisations, patient representative organisations and academia will provide their views on these latest developments, future perspectives and policy options during this two-day summit in London. Most importantly, the summit will allow plenty of time for plenary discussions with the participants and networking.

Follow the link to see the agenda and register.