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The Brain Forum 2016


The Brain Forum 2016



On 26th and 27th May, The Brain Forum 2016 will take place in Lausanne, Switzerland. This annual conference aims at bringing together researchers, engineers, healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, industrialists, investors, funding agencies and policy makers. EBC will be represented at the Forum by its Vice-President Prof. Monica Di Luca, President of FENS.

The Forum’s objective is to advance the understanding of the brain’s function and to accelerate the application of this knowledge to human needs. In this view, The Brain Forum 2016 Innovation Award will be organized, involving scouting and selecting early stage neuroscience-focused start-ups. These will have the opportunity to present their ideas in the exhibition area during the 2 days of the conference, and the top start-ups will also present a pitch in a session moderated by a selected panel of venture capitalists.

For more information or to register to the Brain Forum, please visit The Brain Forum website.