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EPA Psychiatry Congress 2016


EPA Psychiatry Congress 2016


EPA2016 article

The 24th ​European Congress of Psych​iatry (EPA 2016), taking place 12-15 March 2016 in Madrid, Spain, will be a major meeting of international psychiatrists dedicated to promoting European ​psychiatry and to improving mental health around the globe.

Guided by the motto ‘Towards a Common Language in European Psychiatry’, EPA 2016 will cover the newest psychiatric achievements: basic, clinical and translational research, and their application to evidence-based practice in diagnosis, treatment and education.

Through a variety of session types, including Plenary Lectures, EPA Academia Educational courses and a dedicated European Early Career Psychiatrists Programme, EPA 2016 will meet the needs of all participants, from trainees in psychiatry to the most esteemed experts.

The EPA is committed to helping psychiatrists network, share research and learn from their colleagues and peers across Europe and beyond. Accordingly, EPA has developed an array of activities at the European Congress of Psychiatry which will allow these valuable connections to continue and flourish.

Plenary Sessions at EPA 2016

See some of the plenary session topics below:

Research Track Plenary:
Adversities in Childhood and their Impact on Mental Health across the Life Course
Invited Speaker: Seth Pollak, USA

Clinical/Therapeutic Track Plenary:
Can we learn from Developing Countries to improve our own Practice?
Invited Speaker: Vikram Patel, United Kingdom

Clinical/Therapeutic Track Plenary:
The Evidence Base of Mental Health Promotion and Illness Prevention
Invited Speaker: Kristian Wahlbeck, Finland

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