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11th Autism-Europe’s International Congress: ‘Happy, Healthy, Empowered’


11th Autism-Europe’s International Congress: ‘Happy, Healthy, Empowered’


On the 16th – 18th September 2016, the National Autistic Society is organising the 11th Autism-Europe International Congress which will take place in Edinburgh. Autism-Europe’s international congresses are dedicated to sharing advances in practical and scientific knowledge about autism to as wide an audience as possible, including researchers, professionals, parents and self-advocates.

The theme of the 2016 Congress is Happy, healthy and empowered. The Congress will focus on the most recent developments across the field of autism, including causes, genetics, diagnosis, early intervention, treatments, education, support, employment, rights and policies, and many more. It will also cover the evolution of knowledge, rights and services for autistic people, as well as providing insight into future developments in knowledge and technologies for autistic people that may soon become a part of everyday life.

The Call for Papers to submit abstracts for presentation at the Congress is now open. The deadline for submissions has now been extended to 31 January 2016. For more information about the submission process and guidelines, see the Call for Papers page.