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The Digital Transformation of Healthcare in Europe

Using digital tools to deliver care more cost-effectively presents a massive opportunity to relieve Europe’s strained healthcare systems. European Commission President-Elect Ursula von der Leyen has made clear her ambition to ensure that the next five-year EU legislative cycle (2019-2024) harnesses the potential of digital innovation to drive improvements in all aspects of healthcare: pledging to create a European Health Data Space, and to adopt legislation on AI in the first 100 days of...
Brain Awareness Week 2020

Brain Awareness Week is the global campaign to foster public enthusiasm and support for brain science. Every March, partners host imaginative activities in their communities that share the wonders of the brain and the impact brain science has on our everyday lives. In 2020, Brain Awareness Week will take place on March 16-22. Brain Awareness Week was founded by the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives (DABI) and the European Dana Alliance for the Brain (EDAB), and is coordinated by...

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