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Observer Membership to EBC


Observer Membership to EBC

EBC welcomes NBCs into its membership structure through application from individual Brain Councils to apply for an observer status. This status of observers -which is of a duration of 3 years, allows NBCs delegates to attend EBC General Assembly meetings and have more privileged access to EBC resources and network.

An application can be received through a formal letter which should include a due justification of what input in EBC is expected to be, and which category of membership you apply for. This should be completed with:

  • a copy of the Statutes of your organisation (if possible, translated in English)
  • an activity report from the last year
  • the composition of the Board (with length of mandates)
  • a work plan and budget for the upcoming/present year
  • any other info that you would see relevant
  • commitment to pay the annual membership fee (Observer: € 200).