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The European Brain Council has been involved in many projects ever since its creation. Its membership results from concerted discussions with its members organisations. In addition, members of project groups are appointed by the EBC leadership in order to find the best-suited experts throughout Europe be they doctors, basic scientists or expert patients.

Interested in inviting EBC to partner in a collaborative project? Please make sure that the following criteria are metProject policy paper

Good Off-Label Use Practice
The European Brain Council, with seven other patient, research and medical organisations, supports the Declaration on Good Off-Label Use Practice in an effort to ensure high standards of patient care and progress in medical research and innovation.
Not Myself Today
Healthy workforce, healthy society: Introducing Not Myself Today     Not Myself Today is an annual workplace mental health initiative that equips senior leaders, human resources, managers and employees with activities, tools and resources focused on increasing awareness and...
Current projects
The EBC is currently involved in the following projects: ADVANCE HTA Project website: www.advance-hta.eu EBC project leader: Jean Mossman, Dr Mary Baker ADVANCE-HTA is a research project funded by the European Commission's Research Framework Programme (FP7). It comprises several...
Completed projects
PARADISE Website: www.paradiseproject.eu Paradise was an EU funded project under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). The objective of PARADISE was to develop and test an innovative approach to collect clinical data on the psychosocial difficulties that people experience when they suffer...