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Serbian Brain Council



Serbian Brain Council

Date of creation: 2015

Current President: prof. Pavle R. Andjus

Relationship to EBC: Associate Member

Website: http://sbc.ac.rs/about-us/

Mission: Serbian Brain Council (SBC) is a nonprofit umbrella organization comprised of national associations and institutions that is engaged in the development and promotion of neuroscience for the welfare and betterment of the people with brain disorders.

The aim of the Council is to draw the attention of the academic and the general public, as well as relevant state institutions, to the importance of the development of basic and clinical research in the field of neurosciences, as well as to ensure, by integrating all levels of research, better prevention, better diagnosis and better treatment of patients suffering from neurological and psychiatric disorders. The Serbian Brain Council is the regular member of the National Brain Councils Academy (with about 20 members) and an associate member of the European Brain Council (EBC) with observer status (since Dec 2016).